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User Docs

4.1.6 Item choices

1 Import item choice group

  1. Click on Import.

  2. Place a file into the import window via Drag & Drop.

  3. Select a desired import option.

  4. Set your own scheme.

  5. Click on Import.

2 Item choice groups download

  1. Click on Download.

  2. Select a desired file format.

  3. Open an e-mail box and download the file.

3 Update overview

  1. Click Update.

  2. Wait until the loading of the list is finished.

4 Number of list elements

5 Search item choice groups

  1. Enter the desired search term in the search

  2. Click on the magnifying glass. 

  3. Wait for the result and select a desired item.

NOTE: Under 4 you can see how many elements were found out of the total number. 

6 Information about the item choice group Adding item choice groups

  1. Open Masterdata → Items → Item choices  

  2. Click on Add.

3. Enter the desired name. 

The name can be used to filter out the group from the list using the search function. For this purpose, it is particularly important to assign the name only once. This provides a better structure in the overview and all groups can be easily assigned thematically.

4. Select whether the item choice groups are optional. 

If the choice group is not optional, it is mandatory to assign an item to this group. Via Menu → Masterdata → items → item list you can configure whether an assignment is necessary or not. Here, each item can be set individually.

5. specify whether multiple choice groups can be selected at the same time.

If multiple choice is enabled, an item can be assigned to more than one choice group. In this case ...

6. Enter a name for your modification. 

Modifications are ...

With Add you can create further modifications.

7. Click Save. Editing item choice groups

After a group has been successfully saved, it can be edited again and again. Thus, changes can be made at any time, but it is important to make sure that the changes are saved, otherwise they will be lost. 

  1. Select the desired selection group from the list. 

  2. Edit the settings of the item choice group.

  3. Click Save Deleting item choice group

After successful saving, the groups can be deleted again at any time. Removing no longer needed elements keeps the system up to date and more stable.

  1. Select the desired item choice group from the list. 

  2. Click on Delete

  3. Confirm the dialog box with Yes. 

If you click No, the deletion process will be aborted. Copy item choice group

To add another group that is very similar to another, the duplicate function can be used. This means that it is not needed to create the entire group again, but only to copy another one with all the associated settings. Then the desired changes can be made and saved again. It is important to ensure that the names of the groups are not repeated, to avoid confusion.


  1. Select the desired item choice group from the list.

  2. Click More and Copy

  3. Wait for the saving process.

After successful saving, the copied item choice group will be displayed in the list. Note that after updating, the newest element will be at the top of the list.