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User Docs

Terminal connection via Adyen

Adyen is an internationally active provider. A particularly charming feature of this connection is, that the terminal - in contrast to a ZVT or OPI connection - does not have to be in the same network as the cash register.

Technically, socket communication is used here. For this to be possible, the firewall in the network may have to be adapted.

In order to use an Adyen terminal in the retail7 system, the terminal must be created in the Adyen portal and be online.

Once this is done, the Adyen terminal can be registered in the Management Console.

For this please:

  1. navigate to the Menu -> My organization -> Units -> Payment services and terminals and click Add.

  2. Select the parent store / cash register

  3. confirm Adyen as the type of terminal

  4. enter the other data provided by Adyen when ordering the terminal.

    • the designation is freely selectable and should keep the terminal clearly recognizable in the retail7 system

    • POI ID is the terminal ID from the Adyen portal

    • The trading account is the Adyen account

    • the URL describes the web service to Adyen through which the communication for a transaction runs. In the case of the test system and for the live system to use.

    • The API Key is what enables communication with the aforementioned web service in the first place. To get this:

      1. please log into the Adyen portal (and keep the management console open in the background)

      2. in the Developer / Developer API select credentials section

      3. Any number of keys can be created via "Create new Credentials". As a rule, one per environment is sufficient.

      4. Select "Webservice User"

      5. Choose a free username (should allow to recognize the use of the key)

      6. Run "Create Credentials"

      7. to then select the credentials in the list view, and

      8. in the Server Settings -> Authentication section find the API key tab and execute "Generate API"

      9. Via Copy Icon the API Key can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into the management console

      10. Please do not forget to click on "Save Changes" ;)

    • The default values for timeout, encryption, language and currency are to be adjusted only if necessary.