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4.3.2 Contact groups

RETAIL7 system doesn´t contain pre-defined contact groups, since these should be created by our users, according their different needs. Contact groups help to manage contacts further by sorting them to different contact groups (more about how to assign contacts to contact groups in chapter 4.3.1 Contact list).

Contact groups can be created based on any special criteria that reflects the needs of your business best: you can create different contact groups for e.g. customers, business partners, resellers, employees, etc., and also, more than one contact group can be assigned to each contact in your contact list, to be able further differentiate even within a group.

For contact groups to work better, it is important to give them unique names and to use each name only once.

  1. Import contact groups

  2. Contact group download

  3. Update contact group list

  4. Number of list items

  5. Search window for list items

  6. Information about contact groups

Managing contact groups

In RETAIL7, no contact groups are pre-defined, letting our users to create and manage their own ones. For this, we have the following functions.

You can create new contact group with the Add button.

If an existing contact group must be edited or deleted from the database, first you have to choose it by clicking in the box in front of the name of the item. Now the buttons Edit and Delete will appear.

Of course, besides editing or deleting, other managing options are also needed. For this, a submenu is displayed here, and by clicking on it, the Duplicate function is available.

Add contact groups

With this function new contact groups can be created. It is important that the names of the groups should be unique so that the elements of the list can be filtered out using the search function. 

Open the Menu → Masterdata → Contacts → Contact groups.

Click on Add

Enter a Contact group name by which the contact group can be filtered out of the list using the search function.

Select Save.

Edit and delete contact groups

After successfully saving the new element, they can be edited or deleted at any time. Thus, the system remains up to date, as unnecessary elements are deleted. If changes are made via Edit, it is important to save again, to avoid the loss of the information.

If you would like to edit:

Select the desired contact group and click on Edit.

Make the necessary changes and click Save.

If you would like to delete:

Select the desired contact group.

Click on Delete.

Confirm the dialog box with Yes.

NOTE: Clicking No cancels the deletion process.

Copy contact groups

To add another contact group that is very similar to another, the Duplicate function can be used. This means that it is not necessary to create the entire group again, but only to copy another one with all the associated settings. Then the desired changes can be made and saved again. It is important to note that the names of the contact groups should not be repeated, to avoid confusion. 

Select the desired contact group from the list. 

Click on the submenu button and select Duplicate.

Wait for the saving process.

The duplicated element appears on the end of the list.