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User Docs

11.6.9 X-Report

An X-report can be run at any time. Here there is an overview of all actions that are registered at the cash register.

  1. Open the retail7 app.

  2. Enter the login data and log in.

  3. Open the Cash management menu.

This menu provides an overview of all the functionalities of the retail7 app with regard to cash management. We advise you to proceed very carefully with these settings, since cash management is the basis of the POS system. Only in this way can the transactions carried out be logged correctly and without errors.

4. Select X-Report.

NOTE: An X-report can be created at any time. In this X-report all important data from the day, such as the initial inventory, sales, deposits and payouts can be seen.

It also shows how much money should be in the cash register at the current time. The X Report only shows the data from the beginning of the day to the desired time, it does NOT end the day and cannot be used for accounting. Afterwards it is possible to print the X Report.

5. Click Print Now.

Your connected receipt printer prints out the report. It can then be filed away. In the Management Console, it is possible to view the X-Report at any time by calling up Menu → Reports. If you try to run a report again via the app, the system will tell you that there is no data.