User Docs

User Docs

Update Epson firmware

  1. For the easiest installation, it is first necessary to download the Epson TM Utility App from Google Play or Apple Store, this is needed to update the printer's firmware first.

  2. To do this, first start the app and then tap either on the Printer or on the Printer is not selected option.

  3. Then you see the list of all printers that the device can recognize. Select the correct type of printer for confirmation.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure that the printers are in the same network with the device, or that the device can see the printers via Bluetooth connection. Also, do not use Dark Mode on your end device, because it can cause an error displaying the printer list.

  4. Then go to the main menu in the app and select Update Firmware at the very bottom.

  5. A list should open in which all existing firmware versions can be seen. If the versions are not displayed, press Get under the "updatable firmware list" link.

  6. After this, the Wi-Fi stick selection window will open. Select your type and click Next.

  7. Then select the latest version in the firmware list and click Next.

  8. Now you can download the new firmware by clicking the button.

    Note: During the download, the app should remain open all the time, and the device and printer should remain connected to the power. Also, both devices must be connected to the Internet. It is best to put them aside for now and keep an eye on the progress bar.

  9. Once the download is complete, click Next again. Afterwards, be sure to read what needed to be aware of, and then select Execute.

  10. A progress bar is displayed again. Just as previously, both devices must remain permanently connected to the power and the Internet, and the app must not be closed.

  11. A notification will show up when the update is completed successfully. Simply click OK and the update is successful.

  12. Now turn off the printer until the blue LED light is no longer lit.

  13. Then go to the browser. Enter the IP of your printer in the search bar. You will be redirected to the configuration page. There, under Configuration Network, go to ePos-Device. Select the version 2.9 and go to enable at ePOS-Device.

  14. After these steps, the printer can be turned on again, and will be able to use the fiscalisation module actively.