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4.7.2 Operations for gift cards

The operations for gift cards menu is a grid, where all gift card transactions can be viewed at once. By this, you can always have an up to date information about the issued cards, their status, the exact details of the operations, etc. Also, by clicking on the gift card transaction, you can see all relevant information about each of them.

  1. Download the list of giftcard operations

  2. Update list

  3. Number of gift card operations

  4. Search gift card operations

  5. Information about gift cards

Viewing gift card operations

The gift card operations view consists all the gift card transactions up to the current time when the gift card operations menu was opened. For seeing all the details of a gift card operation, select it from the list and click on the View button.

Please note: gift card operation details are stored for archiving purposes, so they cannot be edited or deleted.

When opening a gift card operation detailed view, you can see the basic data of the transaction and the gift card, which was the subject of the transaction. The details are are grouped under three tabs.

On the first tab called Operations, all the basic data of the gift card is displayed, together with the data from the current operation, such as Operation type, Operation ID, Operation reference, Timestamp and Client timestamp.

Under the Value section, you can see which Currency code was used and the amount that was paid with the gift card.

The Result section shows the result of the transaction, together with the result code.

In the Cancellation data section you can see if the gift card operation was cancelled.

On the Originator tab you can see where exactly the gift card operation took place, with the name of the Store and the Originator, and the full Transaction ID.

On the last tab, called Parameters, you can also see the New status of the card, together with the Original status, and the New balance and the Original balance, which confirm the results of this transaction.

Beside these, all the original parameters of the gift card is listed, as they were configured in the gift card menu, such as the Return allowed, Reload allowed and Part redeem allowed parameters and the Time restriction details, if there were any.