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User Docs

4.2.1 Contact list

With this function it is possible to create a contact list of customers and maintain them in the system. It is possible to use different address types, such as headquarters or billing address. Thus, all relevant contacts are clearly visible at a glance.

1 You can import your own contact list, thus no need to Add contacts separately

  1. Click Import.

  2. Drag and drop your contact list file into the object import field

  3. Click on Import

2 You also can download all your contacts from the RETAIL7 system

  1. Click on Download

  2. Choose the preferred file type (json or csv)

  3. Click on Export

3 Actualize the view of your contact list

4 Number of your contacts

5 Search your contacts

  1. Enter the desired search term in the search

  2. Click on the magnifying glass. 

  3. Wait for the result and select the desired item.

6 Information about contact list Add contacts

With this function, additional contacts can be stored in the system. This means that you can create your own address book in the RETAIL7 POS system. In addition, it offers an ideal overview of all contacts and with the help of the search function, a specific contact can be filtered out, e.g. based on the name. 

  1. Open the Menu → Masterdata → Contacts → Contact list

  2. Click on Add.

3. Select the submenu Masterdata.

4. Expand the Default values menu.

NOTE: The contact number is automatically generated by the system and cannot be changed. With this number, the contact is uniquely stored in the system, because no other contact receives this number. In addition, the number can be used to filter out the contact from the overview, using the search function.

5. Enter the desired name for the contact.

NOTE: The name can be used to filter out the contact via the search function. It is therefore advisable to assign a name only once to avoid confusion.

6. Select the required type in the Addresses menu. 

NOTE: The types Standard address, Delivery address and Billing address can only be created once per contact. All other address fields are defined as Other. Therefore, it is possible to define more than one type for a contact.

7. Enter the address

In this case, the address consists of street and house number.

8. If needed, an address addition can be created. For this, use Add.

9. Enter the postal code and city.

10. Select the country.

Optionally, the state can be specified here. 

11. Create a telephone and fax number.

Under Add further numbers can be defined in each case. 

12. Define an e-mail address.

13. Select the corresponding type

NOTE: It is possible to create several e-mail addresses as "headquarter", "standard", "business", "newsletter". The types can also be used more than once.

14. Open the Advanced submenu

15. Enter the VAT ID and the tax number.

These two numbers are provided by the client.

16.Check the box for Dunning block if no reminders are to be sent to the contact.

17. Select the contact person submenu.

  1. Go to Add and open the New submenu.

  2. The URL to the company website can be inserted there. Then the name, address and other data are entered, just as under Masterdata section. Further down, the position of the person can be specified and it can be selected whether or not they are the main contact person.

  3. Additional information, notes and warnings can be added under the Notes tab.

    Under Subcontacts, select the preferred contact from the list. 

    All specified data is displayed in the overview under the subcontacts. Edit contacts

After successful saving, a contact can be edited at any time. Once all changes have been made, the contact must be saved again, otherwise the information will be lost.

  1. Select the desired contact from the list. 

  2. Click on Edit

  3. Make all the necessary changes. 

  4. Click Save. Delete contacts

After a contact has been successfully created or saved, it can be deleted at any time. Thus, the system always remains up to date, as elements that are no longer needed are removed.

  1. Select the desired contact from the list. 

  2. Click on Delete

  3. Confirm with the Yes dialog box.

Auf Nein klicken, um den Löschvorgang abzubrechen. Copy contacts

To add another contact that is very similar to another, the copy function can be used. This means that it is not necessary to create the entire contact again, but only to duplicate another one with all the associated settings. Then the desired changes can be made and saved again. It should be noted that the names of the contacts are not repeated, to avoid confusion.

  1. Select the desired contact from the list. 

  2. Click More.

  3. Select Copy

  4. Wait for the saving process.