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11.7.3 Stock transfer

With this function the stock can be moved to another storage location. For example, it is possible to move goods between several locations. Thus, the stock is subsequently registered at the new location.

  1. Open the retail7 app.

  2. Open the Stock Management menu.

This menu provides an overview of all functionalities of the retail7 app regarding inventory management. With these functions, the inventory of the registered items can be configured in the retail7 POS system. In addition, the stock must be set up in the Management Console under Menu → Master data → Stock management. For more information, see the section Stock Management.

4. Select Stock transfer.

5. An overview list of all previous postponements appears, please click Add.

6. Now select the store you want to move the inventory to and click Select.

7. Now select the items and enter the quantity that should be moved. End your input in each case with Add.

If no item appears in the list, the items of your store are not enabled for stock management. To do this, configure the respective item(s) in the Management Console. For more information, see the Stock Management section.

If your items are enabled to be managed, you can select them from the list and confimt each with the Add button. By this, you can select the item(s) to be transferred.

8. Once all items and their quantities are selected, click on Item List. Now you can see the list of the items to be transferred. If all is correct, click on Save.

9. Select a inventory transfer reason and click Ok.