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User Docs

Cash register

To create a second checkout with a different setup, first download the app on the new device and you're ready to go.

1. To do this, first log in with the e-mail address you used to log in to the other cash register.

2. Create a new cash register.

3. Select the desired Type of your store, the Cash register variant and the Theme.

4. Now create a new store with the same address that was specified during the first cash register.

5. In addition, a printer can be configured if required.

6. Give the device a name.

7. Then press Close. Now the cash register is set up. In the next field, log in again with the normal login data.

8. Now open the Management Console in the new cash register.

9. Again, enter the normal login data.

10. If a new item menu is to be created, first go to the menu.

11. There, under Master data, go to Item menus.

12. Now press Add.

13. First give the item menu a name. For main buttons, the Main button color and the font color can be determined by the button.

14. For Item buttons, the buttons can also be given a color and the font color can be determined.

15. For Type you can choose between Text, Image, and Text and Image.

16. Under Add button, in the field which then opens, the previously created new item can be searched for and added at Item number. Now save.

17. To add the new item menu with the respective items to the new checkout, expand the arrow on the right edge of the screen.

18. Now you can see the structure diagram on the right. Expand until all cash registers are visible.

19. Now just set a check mark at the cash register where you want to see the item menu.

20. Now save the process.

21. Here go to Master data, to Items and then to Item list.

22. To create a new item for the new cash register, go to Add.

23. In the basic data, specify the item type and give the item a name. Below that, select the price and the tax group.

In addition, the item can be assigned to an item group. In the case of item menus, the items can be assigned to an existing item menu. Below this, an image and a usage type can be specified. Then go to save.

24. Go back to the cash register. Now only the item menu is present, which was previously added in the Management Console.