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User Docs

3.2.1 My profile and payment details

On this tab of the Invoices and account submenu, you can find all the data you have entered when registering your business at the website. Also, in the box below, you will see your payment details, which were added at the first logging in into the Management Console. All data can be managed, edited or deleted here.

My contact details

In this data sheet you can see the data you registered about your business at RETAIL7. You can add, change or delete data by clicking on the Edit contact link in the upper right side of the box.

Please note, that the Number is your customer number, assigned to your business at registration automatically. With the help of this ID we can clearly assign the systems to each client. Thus, this ID cannot be changed.

At the Address section, you can add more than one Address addons. For this, please click on the Add new address addon link, enter data and click on Save.

Payment details

In the lower section of the page you can find your payment details. There is already one displayed - this is the one you were asked to add when first time logged into Management Console.

Therefore, you only need to open this menu again if the payment details have changed, or you would like to choose other payment method (e.g. SEPA or PayPal, instead of credit card). Please make sure that the payment details are always up to date so that we can debit the invoice amount.

You can change the current payment option by clicking on the Add payment option link.

Select the desired new payment option from the list. 

Enter the payment details and click Save.