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User Docs

Multiple printers at one cash register

To connect the printer to the retail7 POS system, we explain how the Epson printer can be used as a receipt printer in the network. This can be done via the menu under Settings, during the cash register setup process and in the Management Console.

1.First open the Management Console in the cash register menu.

2. Then go to My Organization -> Organizational Units and then select Printers and Add.

3. Then select the desired store under Superior.

4. Under Select printer settings, you should then be able to select the new printer Epson ePOS-Print and other printers. Otherwise, check whether the receipt printer is connected and set up correctly.

5. In the Name field, the printer can then be given a unique name.

6. Select the print use cases.

7. Select the respective printer model

How to assign the receipt printer to a specific register is described below.

Printer setup at the first start of the app

However, the receipt printer can also be set up during the staging process. The app should immediately recognize the connected printer. The printer then automatically belongs to the cash register that is being set up.

Connecting a printer to a cash register

  1. On the retail7 end device, open the user menu and choose Management Console

  2. Open My organization -> Organizational units -> Devices.

  3. Click on a cash register of your choice.

  4. Now there is the possibility to select a printer under the item Printer. The field should be empty at this time.

  5. Then choose between the printer types: optional, automatic and must be printed.

  6. Additional printers can be added to the cash register under Add.

  7. Save and ready!

Add printer in the app

1. Open the user menu in the retail7 POS app.

2. Under Settings, go to Printers.

3. In the following screen click on Add.

4. Enter the name, select the type, enter the IP address and select a use case.

5. Place a check mark to assign the printer to the POS device.

6. Save and ready!