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User Docs

2.3 Overwrite/reset devices

With the purchase and first installation of the retail7 POS system, a license for the POS cash register is involved. This means that you can download and set up a POS cash register app on one end device. There are also licenses for several other solutions, like customer displays, or stock management apps. A new license must be purchased for each additional device if the first POS system is still to be used.

How to overwrite a device?

If the retail7cash register app is reinstalled on the same device again, the device can be overwritten. In addition, all data from the first cash register disappears, if the same license is used for another end device. Also, then the old cash register will be overwritten.

Of course, the item lists, discounts and other data from the Management Console do not disappear, only the data stored in the app will be overwritten. So, if you would like to choose a different checkout mode (template) or design (theme), you can reconfigure your end device according to them, but after you login back, the items will still be there.

What to do if the device was overwritten?

If a device has been overwritten, there are two possibilities to use the device as a POS device again:

1. Buy a second license for a cash register, install the app on the device again and then log in. Now the second license can be used for this device.

2. Overwrite the device again. First uninstall the app from the device. When the app is reinstalled, the device can be overwritten again. However, the cash register is then reset beforehand. Only one device can be used with one license.