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9.9 Transactions report

How to create a transaction report?

1. Open the cash register app and go to the Management Console in the menu.

2. Log in.

3. Open the Menu.

4. Click on Reports.

5. Click on Transactions.

Here you can see all the transactions that have taken place throughout the company since the POS system was set up. These are sorted by date and time. The cash report runs automatically as soon as the POS system is used for the first time.

You can also see whether the transaction was completed, replaced or canceled. In addition, there are the transaction number, sequence number and branch number as well as the respective branch with its address. Finally, the cash register ID and the exact amount of the transaction can be seen.

6. Under Period, select the desired period or enter a keyword in the Search bar.

7. Click Download to download the report in the desired format.