User Docs

User Docs

11.4 Creating a user

In the RETAIL7 POS system, different profiles with different access rights can be created in the Management Console for each of the employees. Among other things, a picture and the position in the shop can be specified. The distribution of different rights is possible, e.g. for the creation of items, cash management or for processing orders with suppliers.

  1. Open the Management Console.

  2. Under Access Rights go to Users and then to Add.

    NOTE: Users that have already been created can be edited here at any time.

  1. Fill all the needed personal data and create the password

NOTE: The employee will log in to the RETAIL7 POS system with the e-mail address and password registered here.

  • Add the e-mail address of the employee.

  • Enter the first and last name of the employee.

  • Select the relevant role for the employee.

  • Upload a picture/avatar of the employee.

  • Create a password for the employee to log in with.

ATTENTION: The user is only displayed in the login screen if they has logged in at least once at the till. Users can also be assigned to different branches. Once the user has logged in, they can select their profile in the login carousel. This allows them to log in more quickly.