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User Docs


retail7 system offers its customers a Safe Integration. As a basic requirement, the Safe Management plugin package must be installed from the Marketplace.

To create a safe

Management console

  • In the Management Console, go to My Organization > Units > Safe

  • Select Add

  • Select the store where the safe is located (note: this cannot be changed afterwards).

  • Assign a descriptive name for the safe so that it can be identified later in the reports.

  • Define a minimum and maximum safe amount -> these values are used only for reports and warnings. No blocking actions will happen if these limits are reached

In the cash register

  • Start cash register app normally after installation

  • After the store has been created during the installation, the cash register will ask whether a safe should be created after the plugin package has been successfully installed

  • After selecting Yes, a safe with the name "[Store name] Safe" is created automatically.

  • Limits are defined automatically and can be adjusted in the management console.

General info

  • With the installation of the Plugin Package several new reports are provided

    • Safe cash control

    • Safe limit control

    • Safe deposit

    • Safe payout

    • Safe sample control

    • Safe money transfer

    • Safe Journal

  • In the Management Console, under My Organization > Units > Safe is now available as a menu item

  • More than 1 safe can be used per store

  • If only one safe is available, all transactions take it as default.

  • If more than one safe is available, all safe-related transactions in the cash register will prompt which safe should be used to complete the transaction (for example, cash movement).

  • During PluginPackage installation, a new set of default movement reasons is installed. These are maintainable as usual under Settings > Reasons

  • Safe IDs are used more than once. Two safes with one and the same ID can exist within a retail7 system. The uniqueness is established in combination with the store number → This is important for the transaction export to third-party systems.