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User Docs

2. Scanner

How to connect a socket mobile scanner

1. Depending on the scanner model, the scanner should first be fully charged and then activated by clicking on the scanner's button.

2. Scan the Factory Reset code that came with the device.

3. The scanner should then play a melody for a longer period of time.

4. When this music is over, press the small button again for 1-2 seconds. The scanner will then beep twice.

NOTE: This process must be performed each time the scanner is to be connected to another device.

5. Then link the POS device to the scanner via Bluetooth.

6. The system settings contain the corresponding function in the device. Start the search for other devices there.

It may take a moment for the scanner to be found by the cash register. This should then have a keyboard character in front of the name, as it is perceived by the cash register as a keyboard.

IMPORTANT: In the POS device, the language of the keyboard must be set to English. Only then can the scanner scan the barcodes correctly.

7. When the scanner is then connected to the cash register by clicking on it, the scanner beeps again. Now you can work with it!

If another device is preferred for scanning, for example a cell phone, we advise obtaining more information on our site.

How to scan with the mobile phone/tablet?

The mobile POS device is to be used directly as a scanner? That's easy with the POS system from retail7.

After logging into the app to your phone or tablet, you will see a scanner icon next to the menu. Unfortunately, if there is no scanner icon there, the device cannot be used as a scanner.

1. Click on the symbol.

2. Grant permission for the retail7 app to access the camera.

3. The camera of the cell phone or tablet is then activated and a barcode of choice can simply be scanned.

Two other functions can also be used in the scan screen. With the icon in the middle it is possible to manually enter a code and then confirm it.

If it is too dark in the store to scan with the cell phone, the flashlight of the mobile device can be activated by clicking on the right symbol.

This is how easy and quick it is to turn the mobile POS device into a scanner with retail7! To connect additional scanners to the cash register, there are further instructions on our support page. Otherwise, simply contact our 24/7 support.

General conditions for connecting a scanner

In order to connect the POS app end device with a classic USB scanner, there are some basic conditions that must be present in the cash register device. In the best case, we advise to contact the support of the hardware provider for help.

  • The scanner must be set as keyboard emulation. This means that the POS device perceives the scanner as a keyboard.

  • It must be set that the scanner sends an Enter, i.e. a confirmation after scanning. Otherwise, after scanning a barcode, the barcode will be displayed on the POS device, but for registration, it must be manually confirmed. With an automatic confirmation process, this effort can be saved.

  • The scanner must not send prefix and/or suffix. This function should be turned off.