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User Docs

3. POS variants

Once our POS app is launched on the device of choice, it is possible to select the industry during the setup process. But which checkout variants and design can be used with which store selection?

1 Retail POS

The POS variant Retail POS is the user interface set up so that the articles could be registered mainly by scanning them. This POS mode is particularly suitable for the retail sector because items can be scanned quickly. There is a shortcut to all item menus and all items can be quickly selected and accounted for.

2 Service POS

The Service POS checkout variant focuses on direct item entry, allowing e.g. each flower to be selected directly on the display in the florist's store. There is no need to scan or select menus. The application offers quick access to the number field, all items, discounts and cash management.

3 Group POS

The Group POS cash register variant is the closest to a classic cash register. Here, items can be registered via the respective groups. In the bakery, simply click on the respective pastry and select the exact variety. In our classic application, there is a large overview of all scanned items and amounts can be entered quickly via the number field.

4 Hospitality POS with room and table plan

The POS variant Hospitality POS with room and table plan is specially designed for the catering industry and is the only POS variant with room and table plan. Guests can take their orders and the table is then marked as occupied until each visitor has paid at the table. In addition, there is also a take away function for customers who want to take their food or drink away.