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User Docs

Epson TSE Server with USB sticks

The Epson TSE server can be easily connected to the network and the cash register. The server is suitable for all stores where more than 1-2 cash registers are used. As a result, there is no delay in the completion of transactions.

How to install the server?

1 Unpack the device. Under the lockable front cover are 8 ports for USB sticks.

2 Attach any number of USB sticks with TSE to the server.
NOTE: Each TSE USB stick has its own light. If it lights green, everything is OK. If it is red, the TSE should be replaced promptly, or contact Epson support. This does not mean the status light.

3 Connect the server to the Internet router via network cable (RJ-45).

4 Connect the power cable to the server and wait until Link and Status light up green. Only then is the server ready for operation.Verbindung mit dem Kassensystem von retail7

In order to be able to connect the server to the POS system, some data is required first. This includes the IP of the server and the TSE IDs of the individual TSE USB sticks. Download the corresponding software from Epson here:

Under Fiscal Server you can find your own server.

Log in with the following data:

  • Name: admin

  • Password: admin

NOTE: This is the default login. Epson recommends changing the data. For used devices, the data may have already been changed.

Then you can see the IP of the server on the left side of the screen. In the list you can find the TSE ID of all TSE USB sticks that are connected to the server. It is best to leave this page open if the cash register is to be connected to the server.

Connect Fiscal Server during staging

1 Register and validate the account.

2 Download and open the retail7 app.

3 Log in to the app.

4 Select the store, template, theme and connect the printer to the cash register.

5 In the Fiscal unit field, go to Add.

6 Select Epson as fiscal service provider.

7 Enter the IP of the server in the following field.

8 Open the Advanced tab.

9 Under FiscalPrinterDeviceID, enter the ID of the TSE to be used for the POS device.

10 Save the data, connect the terminal to the cash register, give the cash register a name and you can start cashing up in compliance with the law!

Connect Fiscal Server with existing app

1 Go into the management console.

2 Log in with the access data.

3 Then open in the Management Console under My Organization → Organizational Units → Devices.

4 Select the device with the retail7 app already set up.

5 Under Fiscalization Device, click Add.

6 Under DeviceSettings, enter the device ID of the TSE that is to be connected to the POS device.

7 Click on save.

NOTE: Necessary plugins for fiscalization are now automatically installed on the device. This process may take a few minutes. As soon as the installation is complete, a new application version is available, which will be activated the next time the app is restarted or logged in/out.

If there is still no signature on the receipt, please contact our 24/7 support.