User Docs

User Docs

Configure and send emails

With the RETAIL7 POS system, emails can be sent to customers and employees. For example, it is possible to send an email with reports. This can be created in the Management Console.

Create email

First, set an email address to send the reports generated by the POS system. These reports can be saved locally and retrieved at a later time. The email address set here is used for some internal processes, such as notification of low stock items. It is not used for sending emails to customers.

  1. Open the menu → System settings.

  1. Open User Settings under the submenu ... Open more settings.

  2. Set an email address. NOTE: Any number of addresses can be added for different POSes and stores.

  3. Select in the tree diagram for which stores and cash registers this email belongs to.

  4. Click Save.

Create e-mail

IMPORTANT: An e-mail server needs already been preconfigured for emails to customers.

This mail server is used for sending receipts from the cash register to customers via e-mail, and for sending reports or exporting data from the Management Console to managers and administrators. So, you only need to change something here if you want to use your own mail server.

1. Open the menu → System settings → ... Open more settings.

2. Open E-mail under the Communication submenu.

3. Set an e-mail user name.

4. Insert an e-mail password.

5. Specify an e-mail address.

6. Define the corresponding e-mail port.

7. Specify when the e-mail timeout will occur.

NOTE: After this time, the mailbox is put into standby mode. When it is needed again, it can be reactivated.

8. Specify a sender address.

NOTE: This email address is used to send the content, such as reports.

9. Define the sender name.

NOTE: This name will be displayed to the recipient. Therefore, it is advisable to use a unique name that the recipient can assign.

10. Define an address for feedback.

NOTE: Feedback messages are sent to this address. Here you will also receive information if the recipient could not receive the e-mail for technical reasons, for example.

11. Check the box if you want to send a secure e-mail.

NOTE: This way the recipient can be sure that this e-mail is safe and will not be sent to the spam folder.

12. Select the e-mail protocol.

13. Click on Save.