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User Docs

2.4 New installation / local cache

Deleting and reinstalling the RETAIL7 app may be necessary for various reasons. For example, if you want to install a different checkout variant of the POS app on the same device.

Here it is important to note that under Linux, macOS and Windows it is not enough to uninstall the app, but also the locally stored data (cache) must also be deleted before reinstalling.

NOTE: The parts marked in bold in the following URLs are always individual for each installation and will differ!


Under Microsoft Windows, if RETAIL7 was installed from the Microsoft Store, the local cache can be found under

C:\Users\Username of the logged in user\AppData\Local\Packages\retail7GmbH.retail7_9j6m9vxc3exmc\LocalCache\Roaming\retail7\Service Worker\CacheStorage\

If the app was installed directly from our website, the cache is located at

C:\Users\username of the logged in user\AppData\Roaming\retail7