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7.4.9 Taxes

Change VAT rate

1. Open the cash register app and log into the management console via the menu. In the menu, select the System Settings item.

2.Under Taxes, select the Tax Groups item. Open the tax group or create a new one.

3. Go to Tax group rule. Then add a new group rule.

4. Specify a new ID in the group.

5. Enter a sequence number and select the country at Tax Authority. Then further down specify the exact period. This includes the date and time.

NOTE: The time period can be changed at any time, even within the time period.

It is also necessary to enter what percentage can be taxed.

6. Go to Tax rate rule and add the new rule. To do this, enter a sequence number and enter the new VAT rate at the bottom. It is best to select Percent and then enter the VAT rate value.

7. Subsequently save three times. Once in the tax rate rule, then the tax group, and then a final time in the management console.

NOTE: Then log in to the app again. Save and implement the new data with this. The control group is automatically reset after the end of the period.

It is possible to view the VAT rate in the Management Console under Reports Transactions and there in the respective transaction under the Taxes item the given Tax rate and check at any time whether the changes have been registered by the system.