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User Docs

9.3.4 Maintenance

If it is necessary, it is possible to reset the retail7 app with the help of this function and then configure it again, according to your wishes.

  1. Login to the retail7 app

  2. Open the User menu.

  3. Select Status information.

An overview of the app's general information, such as Application, Connection, Status Monitor and Maintenance is available here. Thus, all functionalities of the app can be checked for correctness at this point.

5. Click on the Maintenance submenu.

Here you have the following option:

  • Create DB statistics: with this option database statistics can be created

  • Re-setup the app: in this case only the data is wiped

  • Reset the app: in this case you can factory reset the app and you can reconfigure the device.

6. Select the needed option and confirm the following window with Yes.

Wait until the retail7 app has been loaded again. Now log in as usual. All settings of the app are reset according your wishes factory default.