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User Docs

6. Themes

While a retail7 POS software is being set up on the end device, it is possible to select a suitable theme. Theme, which translates as leitmotif, is a design that visually embellishes the cash register. Thus, we have industry-specific designs, but also neutral ones that are suitable for any cash register. It is important to note that a theme does not change the user interface of the cash register, as is the case with a template. More information about the available templates can be found in the Template section. 

After the management console has been set up, the retail7 app has been installed on the end device and the data has been logged into the app, the store type, the cash register, the available template and the desired theme can be selected.

Below we present some themes that might be available for your retail7 POS app.


retail7 theme is the standard design of retail7 POS software. This theme fits perfectly to any industry, no matter if gastronomy, retail, bakery or fashion store. The colors of the theme are additionally based on the colors of the retail7 logo. The background in the cash register is very bright and friendly, which increases the readability of the cash register functions for the user. Due to the background, which is available from size M, this theme would be well suited for the bar, snack bar or cafeteria industry.


Momentum theme is a neutral theme, but due to the background it is especially suitable for the fashion industry. It is very bright and friendly, which optimally supports the readability for the user. The colors of the theme are additionally based on the colors of the retail7 logo. Starting from size M, the background image is also visible.


Hairdresser Theme is very classic and elegant due to its black and white style. Thus, it is ideal for a hair salon and makes it look stylish. The individual menu items are highlighted in a lighter color, which makes them catch the user's eye right away.


Flower Theme is ideal for any florist, as it has a very bright and friendly design, which makes the plants stand out visually. The cash register menu items are also customized in this color scheme as well as with a transparency effect over the background image, which makes it stand out at any time.


Cityscape theme is a neutral design, which can be used for any industry. It stands out especially for its panorama over a city. With the help of a transparency effect, the panorama comes into its own even during an active transaction and at the same time all menu items are perfectly visible to the user.


Coffee theme is a dark design, which makes the coffee glass stand out with its effects. This theme is ideal for a cafeteria or bar that focuses on hot drinks. The cash register menus are in a light color, which makes them stand out clearly to the user.


Restaurant theme is ideal for a restaurant or bar with tables. The dark background color not only highlights food on the left side, but also makes the atmosphere of your cash register look classy as well as classic. In addition, the cash register menu is clearly highlighted with the help of retail7's logo colors. 


Bakery theme is perfect for a small traditional bakery, but also for a larger bakery chain. The design is bright and friendly, which makes the baked goods on the left side stand out . In addition, the checkout menu is clearly highlighted with the help of retail7 logo colors.