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4.5.3 Current stock

The current stock list can be called up individually for each of the stores. If this option is activated, the system counts the stock of goods, and the numbers changes regularly. Thus, at every time of retrieval you can see the actual stock of goods and the changes.

  1. Download stock data 

  2. Update the list of stock

  3. Number of list items

  4. Search list items

  5. Information about stock items

Checking current stock

With this function, information about the current stock is available. Subsequently, there is the decision whether, for example, items should be reordered. Possibly an item quantity is higher than expected and on the basis of this a promotion can be started.

Open the Menu → Masterdata → Stock management → Current stock.

Select a store.

The detailed stock of items is listed.

If needed, the list can be Downloaded in the desired form.