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User Docs

Deutsche Fiskal

In Germany, we offer fiscalization via EPSON Fiscal Module (either in EPSON TM-30FII, TM88VI iHub or EPSON TSE Server) as well as fiscalization via Deutsche Fiskal for Windows, Linux and Android systems. The installation is done via the retail7 Marketplace.

For the installation of the Plugin Package for the German Fiscal, our support will be happy to help, as special rights are required for this.


  1. During the installation of a cash register, there is a prompt to add Fiscal partners. Provided that the Deutsche Fiskal was installed as PlugIn Package is also automatically available.

  2. After selecting "Deutsche Fiskal", the installation can be continued / completed as usual.

  3. If the cash register was installed under a desktop operating system Windows or Linux, the Fiscal Cloud Connector of Deutsche Fiskal will be automatically downloaded at the first start.

  4. If the cash register was installed under Android, the required apps of "Deutsche Fiskal" have to be installed via Google Play Store at the first startup

  5. Once you see the login screen, your cash register is ready to use with Deutsche Fiskal.

Troubleshooting Guide

The Fiscal Cloud Connector cannot be installed?

  • Please check the stability of your Internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to enter, enter "Speedtest" into the search field and run it on the results page. The results should be > 10.000 Mbit/s download and 1000 Mbit/s upload at least.

The Fiscal Cloud Connector cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store?

FCC cannot be started (only desktops / not on Android)

  • Please check the system specific installation path of the Fiscal Cloud Connector, if the content is located in the folder ".../dffcc/". The content itself should belong to the content of the associated version from the Deutsche Fiskal download portal(

  • ATTENTION: If the AutoRecovery process starts when the LIA is launched, the contents of this folder will be deleted for a new download from the Deutsche Fiskal portal

  • Is there a DF FCC process already underway?

    This can be checked with a system-specific Task Viewer. Look for a "Java" process that was created by the Zulu Java VM. This "Java" process points to the system-specific FCC path.

  • Is the port of the FCC already in use or blocked?

    If the FCC is not running and the "Java" process is no longer in the Task Viewer, please check if the port the FCC is using is blocked. The default port of the FCC is "20001" with "TCP".

    • OS command line programs to check the port

      • Windows: netstat -ano -p tcp

      • Linux: ss -lptn

      • Mac: netstat -vanp tcp

  • Folder and file paths

    • The log files can be found at${FCCLOCALTIONON_OS}/.fccdata/log/

    • Under Windows, the FCC can be found under:

    • Under Linux the FCC can be found under: