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User Docs

Ingenico Move/3500

After purchasing the Ingenico Move/3500 terminal, do you want to connect it to the retail7 POS system? We explain how to install the device and connect it to the POS system.

Hardware setup

1. Open the terminal housing, insert the appropriate battery and then close the flap.

2. After that, the terminal should be activated automatically.

3. Enter the terminal ID. NOTE: This should be on a sticker on the terminal and otherwise provided by the operator.

4. Select a suitable WLAN network for the terminal. The network must be password protected.

5. After that, please call Intercard support to have the terminal unlocked. Only the terminal ID is required for this. Then only confirm the initialization with the OK key.

6. The F key of the terminal can be used to open the menu of the device or to enter a code by pressing it twice in order to switch directly to a specific menu. Now enter the following function codes into the terminal:

  • Code 513 - To change the terminal to a ZVT terminal. Select ZVT700.

  • Code 514 - Switch on printing via cash register and block printing here. Everything else must be set to OFF.

  • Code 54 - Here the connection of the cash register must be set to TCP/IP. It is important to make sure that the host is and the port is 5577.

Optionally, set a fixed IP address. To do this, go to Settings → Connections → General parameters → Network → WLAN → IP configuration → Manual → IP address and then enter it.

The following default passwords should also be remembered:

Cashier password: 11111

Dealer and technician password: 82024

For a device restart press the yellow "CLR" key and "." (the dot)

What needs to be done in the cash register

To connect the terminal to the POS system, everything important is in the tutorial for connecting a terminal.

When the working day is over, switch off the terminal by pressing the key with the dot and the yellow key simultaneously. Restart the terminal by pressing the button with the circle on it.