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4.5.4 Items low on stock

The RETAIL7 system is able to keep track of the stock and can create a low on stock report if the number of an item drops below a certain value. For this function to work, it must be enabled first: when adding or editing an item, the Stock low limit value must be changed from zero to a value considered as low (Menu → Master data → Items → Item list).

Now, when the stock of this item drops below this value, the item will be displayed in the list as low on stock.

Creating a low on stock report

Open My Dashboard -> Masterdata -> Stock management -> Items low on stock.

Click on the drop-down menu and choose which store´s stock would you like to check.

After choosing the store, a list of item is created. The list shows

  • the store number

  • the item ID

  • the item name

  • the available number of the item

  • the number of the reserved items

  • the incoming and outgoing (aka in-transfer) number of the item

  • the ordered number of the item

  • and the unit of the item

Via Download the report can be downloaded in the desired format.

Getting notification about items low on stock

The RETAIL7 system is able not only to display the list of the items needed to order, but also to send a notification if an item is low on stock thus should be re-ordered.

You can set to get e-mail notifications about items being low on stock under
System settings -> Settings -> Settings list -> Others -> Stock management.