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User Docs

12. Registering contacts

In the retail7 system contacts can be added not only via the Management Console, but via the retail7 POS app. Contacts can be added to each transaction, so they can be printed on the receipt, or on an A4 printout of the invoice, or the receipt can be sent via email to the respective email address. You can also add a new contact at any point of the transaction.

It´s also possible to add a new contact without transaction, via the magnifying glass on the left side, which has, besides the Item Search function, has another one: Search contacts.

Here you can also choose the Manage contacts button and add an existing contact, or create a new one.

You can also add a customer to the transaction during item registration, or at checkout, at the "Payment done" screen.

Here, if you put checkmark to any of the boxes with the "Does customer want the receipt by email?" or to the "Print receipt as A4 invoice?" questions, the system will open the Manage contacts menu, where you can add the new contact, or choose an existing one, and link it to the current shopping cart.

The transaction can be finished only after this step.

It´s also possible to create customer cards with a barcode, so that the customer can be added to the transaction via scanning the customer card barcode.