User Docs

User Docs

How to download reports and item lists

Each report and also item lists can be downloaded manually in the Management Console of the RETAIL7 POS system. However, this is not a direct download. After clicking on the download button within the respective report or article list, you can choose between CSV, XLSX, PDF and JSON format (the available formats differ, depending on the document). After you choose the proper one, the document will be sent to you by email.

In case you cannot find the mail in the mailbox, it´s recommended to check the spam folder. This means that if the email will not arrive in a reasonable time, please check in the spam folder of your mailbox.

Depending on the mail provider, the following settings can be used to avoid our e-mail landing in the spam folder. We have compiled the most important links for the various platforms here, or explain here exactly how the function can be turned off.


With Gmail it is possible to easily add us to the whitelist.

1. In the mailbox, go to the gear in the upper right corner.

2. Open the settings there.

3. Go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab and press Create new filter.

4. Then enter our address [email protected] in the From field.

5. At the bottom press on Create filter with these search criteria.

6. Never dial to classify as spam.

7. Save the filter.

After that, our emails can be received regularly.


1. In the mailbox at the very bottom left click Settings.

2. There you will find the Whitelist function, which must be selected.

3. In the field that opens, enter our address [email protected].

4. Then just save the new setting and all emails from us will end up in the General Inbox.

Yahoo Mail:

NOTE: In order to whitelist our email address at Yahoo, an email from us is required first. There may already be a mail from us in the spam folder after the installation. This comes from the following e-mail address: [email protected].

1. Open the mail and click More in the bar of the email header.

2.Then select Filter mail there.

3. Give the filter an appropriate name.

4. Then enter our e-mail address under Sender.

5. Then select the inbox under Move Message and save the filter.

Now our mails should not end up in the spam folder.

1. In the mailbox, go to Settings.

2. Then, under the Folder section, click on the Filter Rules function.

3. Next, select Move sender's email and write our email address [email protected] in the If field.

4. In the Then field, select the appropriate folder where our mail should end up in the future.

5. With one click on Set up filter rule save the filter and our mails will not end up in the spam folder anymore.

Apple Support:

1. In the mailbox, under Mail in the main menu, select Settings.

2. After that a window opens. In this window, under the Rules tab, select the Add rule function.

3. Then in the next field enter a name for the rule.

4. Upon fulfillment (...) of the following conditions then select all.

5. Then select From and Contains.

6.Then press in the field next to Contains and enter the e-mail address [email protected] there.

7. In the bottom line select Move message and select inbox.

8.Then save with the OK button.


In Outlook, a mail from us is needed first, which may already be in the spam folder. For example, our welcome mail after setting up [email protected].

Open the mail. For the 2007 version, then click on Safe Address Lists in the email header. Then select Add the sender's domain to the Safe Senders List. The problem is solved.

If the Outlook version is from 2010/2013 or later, click on Junk email and select Never block sender there. Our mails no longer end up in the spam folder.