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User Docs

Epson TM-P30

In this tutorial we first explain how to connect the mobile TM-P30 printer to the network. Then it can be connected to the POS device.

These five things should be considered for now:

1. There must be a receipt roll in the printer. First insert the receipt roll into the receipt printer.

2. To do this, open the cover by pressing the large button in the groove on the top. This opens the flap.

3. Then insert the roll so that the paper is unrolled from the bottom side. Let the first sheet hang out of the printer a bit. This allows the paper to be cut automatically when the printer is active.

4. In addition, the Epson TM Utility app should be installed on the cell phone, laptop, computer or tablet.

5. The Bonjour protocol must be activated on the network router, so that the printer is recognized by the network.

This is how the Epson TM-P30 printer can be connected to the network:

To work with the printer, you should first know: it should be operated with the power button and the paper feed sign. The printer will then print all the necessary data for the next step.

1. If the receipt printer is not yet switched off, switch it off now. Then press the two keys just mentioned simultaneously until the printer switches on.

When releasing the power button, continue to hold the paper feed button; then the device information will be printed out.

2. To enter the Mode Selection menu afterwards, press the Paper Feed key again for a little longer than one second.

Then the Mode Selection device menu is opened.

3. Call up the Wireless Module Setup. This option is located under point 4. Now press the paper feed button 4 times briefly and 1 time long.

The next printout then shows the possible options under the Wireless Module Setup menu.

4. Press the paper feed key 1 more time long and 1 short time to reach the first menu item Initialize.

Now the receipt printer prints the subcategories again. Now you can see the Initialize menu.

There you can see the following important data: The SSID and the password (passphrase). These are needed for the following step on the cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Now select the Epson TM Utility app that was installed before. To set up a printer, select the option Printer is not selected in the opened app.

A window opens where the desired Epson printer TM-P30 can be selected. Confirm the selection with a double click. An overview page opens.

Compare the MAC address on the display in the app with the MAC address on the printed device information.

Then open the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard item in the menu under Epson TM Utility.

What needs to be done in the setup wizard?

  • In the Printer field select the Epson TM-P30. After pressing next, the current status of the printer is displayed.

  • Now switch the printer off and on and print out the device information again. If both addresses are correct, press Print.

  • After that the window Installation temporary profile opens. After pressing continue, there is an automatic redirection to the Internet browser.

  • If the message This website is trying to load a configuration profile opens. Is it allowed to do that? opens, press Allow.

  • After following the instructions in the window, press continue to display the settings screen. Now just press install.

By the way, if these have been deactivated under WiFi → Details → Power Management, the printer will work faster. We still recommend monitoring the device's energy consumption.

Connect the printer to the WLAN network

On the device of your choice, search for Epson Printer Network in the WLAN settings.

There enter the password 12345678. Now the cell phone, laptop, PC or tablet should be connected to the network of the receipt printer. Then edit the network settings of the receipt printer in the browser. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Enter https://IP-Adresse from the Initialize menu in the browser. The page can be visited even if it is classified as insecure.

  • Use epson as username and password as login data on the page.

  • Now open the menu Configuration → Network → Wireless and enter the name of the WLAN network under SSID.

  • The encryption type is WPA-PSK (AES).

  • The WPA Pre-Shared Key is the password for the network. To confirm everything, press Send.

In the next field, simply confirm the changes by clicking the reset button.

The printer is now successfully connected to the wireless network. It now prints all data information about the IP address of the network.