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[Z-Report] Why is the receipt number of the Z-Report not consecutive?

Z-reports do not follow each other in their numbering. They are sequential based on all receipts. Each receipt, whether a login, logout, return or normal transaction on the same device, is one of them.

We number consecutively throughout the system per device. This can be seen at the bottom of each receipt. This can be traced in the journal in the management console under "Reports -> Other -> Journal", where all receipts that have been generated are listed consecutively.

Receipt numbers are incremental only in the context of a POS and are incremented for each transaction regardless of type, so they are gapless.

The NRF ARTS POSLog Approach 6.0 is implemented, which is a global standard for all types of transactions. We distinguish among others in retailTransactions (normal receipt), ControlTransactions (login, logout), CustomerOrderTransactions (orders) and TenderControltransaction (deposit, withdrawal, skimming etc.).

All these transactions are embedded in the count.


  • Login = 1

  • Initial inventory= 2

  • Order1 = 3

  • Order2 = 4

  • X-Report = 5

  • Bon = 6

  • Z-Report = 7


At the end of the day, the counter is reset to 0.

The uniqueness comes about because the complete counter looks as follows (as an example): 1389202302071003000005

Thereby ::

  • 1389 = Store number

  • 2023= the year of the transaction

  • 02 = the month of the transaction

  • 07 = the date of the transaction

  • 1003 = the cash register number

  • 00000 = Filling numbers for the counter

  • 5 = the counter of the receipts