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User Docs

Epson TM-m30

Let's set up the new Epson TM-m30 receipt printer together! To do this, the new printer must first be connected to the network.

These instructions explain in detail how to set up the network and how to set up the user interface of the receipt printer. By following these instructions, the Epson receipt printer can be connected to the POS system without any problems.

What is needed?

First insert the receipt roll into the receipt printer. To do this, open the cover by pressing the large button in the groove on the top. This opens the cover. Then insert the roll so that the paper is unrolled from the bottom side. Let the first sheet hang out of the printer a bit. This allows the paper to be cut automatically when the printer is active.

  • The tablet, mobile phone or PC to set up

  • A WLAN adapter for the receipt printer, which can be attached to the lower side of the printer.

How to reset the network setting of the receipt printer?

In order to be able to operate the menu of the receipt printer, information is required which the device can provide by pressing a button. For this purpose, only the button with the arrow pointing upwards must be pressed in the following steps. Normally, this stands for the paper feed function. But also, this button is used to operate the menu of the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer.

1. To obtain device information, first switch off the printer. Then simultaneously press the arrow button and the switch on button. When both keys are released, the device information is printed.

2. The menu can be called up very easily, by holding down the arrow button for two seconds. Then the device menu is printed out.

3. As seen, the Interface Setup can be found under the fifth item in the menu. Which means, to get the information about this setup, the button must be pressed five times briefly and once long. Also, the same procedure to be followed to access the other menu items.

4. Wi-Fi & Ethernet Setup is then under the first item. In this case, the key with arrow must be pressed once briefly and once long, because it is under point 1.

5. After that, a small piece of paper is printed with the menu items for Wi-Fi & Ethernet setup. Under item 2 it says SimpleAP. So press the button with the arrow twice briefly and once long.

6. Then the SSID and passphrase is available on the following slip of paper.

How to connect the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer to the cash register?

Simply search for the receipt printer in your network (in the bottom bar of your computer or tablet) and connect to it. For this, the corresponding password from the last printout SimpleAP Start is required.

How to edit the network settings of the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer?

1. To do this, first open an Internet browser of your choice (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome).

2. Then https:// and enter the IP address from the SimpleAP start note. Without spaces or other characters. But pay attention to the dots in the IP address. If the connection turns out to be not secure, it is still possible to get to the page. For this press either Details or Advanced. There you can either Continue anyway or Go to this insecure website.

3. Then log in on the page with the following data: Name epson, Password epson.

4. On the following page, go to Configuration and select Wireless under Network. The network is then changed to wireless contact. For this to be possible, some data must be entered on the following page.

5. Simply enter the name of the network under SSID, select WPA-PSK (AES) under Encryption Type and the password for your own network is required under WPA Pre-Shared Key.

6. Then press Send and the data is saved.

7. Now just press Reset in the next window and the Epson TM-m30 receipt printer is connected to the WLAN network. Now the cash register can easily transfer the information between the devices via the IP address.