User Docs

User Docs

3.4 Logout

After you finished your work with the Management Console, it is highly recommended to always log out. It´s also recommended when you leave your computer unsupervised for an amount of time.

For this, you can find the Logout function here in the User menu.

After clicking on it, you´ll be directed to the login page.

Please be aware, that if you did any changes or entered data into the Management Console, always use the Save button to save your work before logging out, otherwise it could be lost.

Why logging out of the Management Console is important?

Logging out of your computer or Management Console account is an important security measure that can help protect your confidential personal and business information and privacy. Here are some reasons why it’s important to log out:

  • More confidentiality: When you don’t log out of your account or computer, it’s easy for anyone to see, change or stole confidential information. Logging out of your user account is the safe way of avoiding confidentiality breaches regarding your business data, but also the data of your employees and business partners/customers.

  • Restricted access: Confidentiality breaches are especially possible if you walk away from the computer without at least locking your screen with a strong password. Logging out ensures that no one else, without the proper user rights, can access your data without entering the correct login credentials.

  • Prevents unauthorized remote access: Logging out ensures also, that no program can run and none can remotely connect to your account without credentials.