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User Docs

Cashier based billing

In the standard installation, retail7 offers cash-based billing. This means that the billing happens independently of the user in a drawer. All sales are booked accordingly.

The alternative is cashier-based billing. Here, each user is assigned their own till and, when they log in at the cash register, these are used, and the respective sales are booked accordingly.

As a basic requirement, the Plugin Package for cashier-based billing from the Marketplace must be installed.

After installing the Plugin Package:

  • At least one store must be created

  • At least one user must be created

  • In the Management Console, go to "My organization > Units > Tills"

  • Select "Add"

  • After selecting the store where the till is to be used (note that each till can only be used in one store and this assignment cannot be changed afterwards).

  • The assignment of the till is to be configured to "User"

  • The "user" to whom the drawer insert is to be assigned must be selected. When a user is not available for selection, that means that these users have already been assigned a till (possibly for another store).

  • A descriptive name must be assigned, which also enables the till to be identified later in reporting. As a recommendation: the name of the user should be part of the name of the till.

Activation of cashier-based billing to the respective cash register

  • The cash register is to be installed as always, but after the first start please do not log in yet

  • In the Management Console, navigate to "My Organization > Units > Devices" and select the appropriate cash register.

  • The automatically created till is to be deleted (by clicking on the x in the selection field)

  • In the Management Console, navigate to "My organization > Units > Tills" and delete the till which was created automatically during installation. (Note: the automatically created till has the name of the cash register + TILL as its name).

  • Save the setup.

  • The first login at the cash register will then automatically ask for the initial inventory.

General info

  • Validation of the existing Plugin Package installation

    • In the management console, navigate to "My organization > Units > Tills" and check if the assignment type "User" is available on a drawer insert.

  • Daily closing

    • Create transaction as usual and click on "Count money" in the cash register. The user can enter the counted amount and correct differences if needed. NEW: When the count is confirmed, the user will be asked if the drawer settlement should be performed. Confirmed with Yes, this means the daily closing for this cash register and the cash register will be posted to 0,00€. → If the Package Safe plugin is used, the amount will be posted to the assigned safe.

  • Reports

    • There are small changes in the reports.

      • Cash status: the cash status of each till is now displayed here

      • Till: now displays the results of the count

      • both reports require online connection of the cash register to the Management Console.

  • Troubleshooting

    • If the user receives an error message during login that no till is available, please make sure that a till has really been assigned to the user. This is the most common error case.

    • At the first login the user is not asked for initial stock. Please make sure that no till is assigned to the device AND the automatically created till has been deleted → Unassigning the till is not sufficient, as there are still internal dependencies.