Dev Docs

r7 Connect / AppEnablement

What is it all about?

The r7Connect App Enablement allows external web apps to be integrated directly into the cash register surface. These can communicate with the cash register via an API as well as access external web services. This allows functional extensions to be made very quickly without intervention in the core system. The web apps can provide the operator with additional functions or practical applications directly at the point of sale. Examples include customer and context-specific product recommendations, extended product information or the process-oriented integration of third-party systems.

The architecture

A JavaScript application is hosted in a host application that serves as container. The r7Connect API provides functionality of the host application for the JavaScript application running in it. The JavaScript application contains the r7Connect SDK - which provides the connector and APIs to the core system. The connector establishes communication between APIs and the host, APIs provide the functionality bundled for different integration scenarios.

It differs how the JavaScript application is running in the host application. By default the JavaScript application is loaded in an iFrame. On desktop platforms there is also the possibility to run the application in a dedicated browser window if it's needed for technical reasons.