Dev Docs

Common Information

All imports are configurable for each need. We already set up some common simple import formats for you. How to configure a complex one, where you can add all parameters via the import interfaces, is explain in another part of this documentation.


Like we mentioned already, all import interfaces are configurable in the RETAIL7 system and we already set up a default configuration.

The endpoint for all objects in our system hase the same structure, which is



The baseUrl is the URL of your system, which you have chosen during registration of your account. e.g.


The importconfigkey defines the configuration of your import. Each object can have different configuration with different parameters and rules.


For our import interfaces we use a basic auth, which is basically a user in your RETAIL7 system with the access right for import interfaces.

Relationship of Data

The data in the RETAIL7 system are mostly in relation to each other. You can import different data in different order, but they will just work if they are complete.

To make sure, that you have the right order, we will explain you the relationship.

To make e.g. an item import work, you have to make sure, that you have created:

  • mandatory

    • a store

    • a tax group

  • optional

    • an item group / item category

    • an item menu

Postman Collection

To have a quickstart, please download the postman ressources: