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No hidden costs - monthly cancellation possible



per month/cash register
*(excl. tax)

  • All standard features (back office included)
  • Export functions (CSV/DATEV/DSFinV-K)
  • Roles & rights system
  • Promotion Engine Light



per month/cash register
*(excl. tax)

  • All features of the Business Package
  • Extended export functions (incl. IDoc)
  • Matrix roles & rights model
  • Promotion Engine
  • SAP/ERP Connector



per month/cash register
*(excl. tax)

  • All functions of the BusinessPLUS Package
  • Cloud TSE or Hardware TSE
  • Own functions
  • Own templates
  • Works with your own cloud
  • APP Enablement SDK
  • Custom Plugins



*excl. VAT / 3H

  • Connection and setup of existing peripherals of up to 3 devices, such as: receipt printer, terminal and cash drawer
  • Complete system setup/activation of the subscription
  • Training basic functions and use of retail7 cash register
  • Create 1 user profile
  • Explanation of customer display, inventory management and order assistant
  • Advice on master data creation



excl. VAT / 5H

  • See STARTklar S - Package
  • + Connection and setup of existing peripherals for up to 10 devices
  • + Additional creation of article menus and article groups
  • + Explanation of advanced functions and processes of the retail7 cash register
  • + Create up to 3 user profiles
  • + User and administrator training for the various applications
  • + Master data creation for up to 100 articles



excl. VAT / 8H

  • See STARTklar M - package
  • + Connect and set up existing peripherals of more than 10 devices
  • + Create 10 user profiles
  • + User and administrator training
  • + Master data creation up to 300 articles

Function overview

Functions Business BusinessPLUS
All standard features (back office included)
TSE compliant according to KassenSichV
Export functions (CSV/DATEV/DSFinV-K) Extended (incl. IDoc)
EC terminal connection via ZVT
100% offline capability
Warehouse management included
Article wizard with all options
flexible design
roles & rights system own roles & rights
promotion engine own discounts and promotions
24/7 support
automatic updates, 100% DSGVO and tax office compliant

We accompany you from consulting to installation to training and support.

Based on your company and tax requirements, we set up your POS software completely for you. We only need your master data. In addition to administrator coaching, we are also happy to provide employee training and ongoing service such as monitoring, system and article maintenance, training of new employees, and much more.
Experience retail7 easily - choose one of our 3 full service packages and add our professional remote service to your business plan. Depending on the size of your business, you are completely taken care of. With the retail7 installation service for your POS system you don't have to worry about anything - we take care of everything!
You simply order your desired service from us and within 1-3 business days a colleague from retail7 will contact you to arrange an appointment for installation.

Your style. Your POS. Your success.



retail7 Business Package

Your business is limited to a few cash registers and is rather small? Then our standard business package is ideal for you.

You receive all the functions you expect from a POS system and much more. The flexible retail7 POS system is easy to use and tailored to your needs.

retail7 BusinessPLUS Package

The Business Plus package makes your everyday life easier and has many additional functions.

You can create even more articles, have an extended roles & rights system for you and your employees and many other advantages compared to the standard business package. Among other things, you can use the SAP Connector and other exclusive features.

retail7 Enterprise Package

If your company has several branches or locations in different countries, the Enterprise Package is the right choice for you. The retail7 team has years of experience in this sector.

The Enterprise Package is recommended for a minimum of 10 cash registers. With this plan you are able to get your desired functions adapted to your needs.

retail7 services and licenses

You can also use our app as a customer display, inventory management app or order assistant. The license for the customer display costs R80 per month/device, the inventory management R80 per month/device and the order assistant R170 per month/device.

You can also book a service package starting at 5000 R during the initial setup.

retail7 Payment

You will find the optimal payment package for your business here. Compare the basic price and transaction costs of retail7 with other providers. Convince yourself of our unique offers in combination with our partners.

retail7 Change guarantee

You can switch to another package at any time and expand the functions of your POS system as you wish. Just contact our support.

retail7 STARTklar S Package

Our basic package offers a professional setup service for the retail7 POS system with up to 3 peripheral devices already in place, such as: Receipt printer, terminal and cash drawer. We install our POS app remotely including a system integration of hardware and POS software into your company network.

retail7 STARTklar M Package

Expand your retail7 POS functionality. You have a small business and want a deeper look into your retail7 POS functionality? Your hardware includes up to 10 devices and you need to create item menus? Or you want a user training (for cashiers and waiters) or an in-depth training for you as an administrator (manager; operations manager) during the installation? Then save yourself valuable time and get the service package M for your store.

retail7 STARTklar L Package

Become a professional yourself. If your store is a big player with more than 100 items in your business, your hardware needs exceed 10 peripherals or you simply want to train not only yourself but also your team, get the setup package L for an optimal start.

Advantages of the setup packages

  • Convenient and easy: Competent installation by professionals

  • Security for perfect functioning

  • Including instruction in the functions

  • Individual advice

  • Time saving