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4.6.1 Promotion list

To create a Happy Hour or other discount promotions in the retail7 POS system, it is first necessary to log in to the Management Console. Log in there with the normal login data.

  1. Then open the menu.

  2. Then go to Master data → Promotions → Promotion list.

  3. Here you can see all the discounts that have already been created in the checkout and you can add new promotions. To do this, click the Add button.

  4. Now it is possible to give this discount a special name, which can be chosen individually and manually. After clicking on Assignment there is a choice whether the discount should refer to the receipt or to an item.

  5. In the field that now opens underneath, for items it is indicated which discount type it is. For example, the customer can buy one item and get discount on it, he pays only one item and gets two (so buy 2 pay 1) or also a mix & match, in which different items can be mixed together. These then receive a discount together.

For voucher discounts, the value and currency or percentage can be entered. To do this, the minimum sales for the discount must be selected.

Choose discount types

If the Buy X Pay Y discount has been selected, it is now possible to specify how many items can be purchased and what amount will be paid for in the Buy X Quantity and Pay Y Quantity fields that now open below it.

When Mix and Match is selected, the Mix & Match tab opens automatically on the far right, where data such as currencies, combination types, articles, required number/maximum number and the value are entered.

1. After choosing the discount type "Buy X, pay Y" or "Buy X, get discount", click on item assignment. Press the Add button. Now it is possible to add various items that have already been created in the checkout and to which this discount can be applied.

NOTE: It is also possible to add whole article groups. To do this, press the Add more item groups button below. Now you can select any item group that has already been created in the checkout.

2. Further down at Blocked items or Blocked item groups you can select items or whole item groups to which the discount cannot be applied in any case.

3. For all types of discounts go to Redemption. There you can specify the period for the discounts. First, the rough validity period is selected, i.e. when the discount promotion starts and when it ends. Below that, the redemption period can be defined more precisely. There, the exact time and the exact day of the week can be specified, at which the discount becomes effective and can be selected.

4. Maximum redemption per receipt defines how often this discount can be redeemed per receipt. At the bottom, you can also specify the maximum number of items from a promotion group that can be discounted together.

5. In the last field Advanced it is possible to select whether a negative price is allowed, how the tax treatment takes place (by discount or by means of payment) and sequences and resolution can be specified. Also, the rounding rule to be applied, the proportions and the trigger must be specified.

6. After that save and the promotion is usable right away.

Plan more promotions with discount groups

However, if other promotions are planned that are intended for different items, discount groups are a good option. To do this, go back to the menu, click on Discount groups and then on Add.

1. Additionally, give the discount group a name and specify the maximum number of redemptions per receipt.

2. Especially around the Christmas season, it makes sense to increase the allocation per receipt. So increase the maximum redeemable per voucher to three, for example.

3. Then save.

4. Then go to the menu, there to Master data

Discounts and then on discount list.

5. Select a current discount and go to redemption.

6. Now the newly created discount group can be added under Discount groups.

Now it is no longer the number of maximum redemption per voucher that was previously entered in the discount that applies, but the maximum redemption that was selected in the selected discount group. This can be higher or lower. Once the promotion is over, the discount group can simply be deleted again and it will automatically disappear from other promotions. Then the normal redemption per receipt, which was already entered before for the individual discount, counts again.