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4.2.2 Contact groups

Contacts can be assigned to contact groups, so a systematic overview of all contacts will be available. It is important to give the groups unique names or to use them only once, to avoid confusion.

1 Import contact groups

  1. Click on Import.

  2. Place file into the import window via Drag & Drop.

  3. Select a desired import option.

  4. Set your own scheme.

  5. Click on Import.

2 Contact group download

  1. Click on Download.

  2. Select a desired file format.

  3. Open an e-mail box and download the file.

3 Update contact group list

  1. Click Update.

  2. Wait until the loading of the list is finished.

4 Number of list items

5 Search window for list items

  1. Enter the desired search term in the search

  2. Click on the magnifying glass. 

  3. Wait for the result and select the desired item.

Under 4 you can see how many elements were found out of the total number. 

6 Information about contact groups Add contact groups

With this function new contact groups can be created. It is important that the names of the groups are unique so that the groups can be filtered out using the search function. 

  1. Open the Menu → Masterdata → Contacts → Contact groups.

  2. Click on Add

  3. Insert a description.

With this name the contact group can be filtered out of the list using the search function.

4. Select Save. Edit and delete contact groups

After successfully saving the groups, they can be edited or deleted at any time. Thus, the system remains up to date, as unnecessary elements are deleted. If changes are made via Edit, it is important to save again, to avoid the loss of the information.

If you would like to edit:

  1. Select the desired contact group.

  2. Make all the necessary changes and click Save.

If you would like to delete:

  1. Select the desired contact group.

  2. Click on Delete.

  3. Confirm the dialog box with Yes.

NOTE: Click No to cancel the deletion process. Copy contact groups

To add another contact group that is very similar to another, the Duplicate function can be used. This means that it is not necessary to create the entire group again, but only to copy another one with all the associated settings. Then the desired changes can be made and saved again. It is important to note that the names of the contact groups should not be repeated, to avoid confusion. 

  1. Select the desired contact group from the list. 

  2. Click More and select Copy.

  3. Wait for the saving process.

The contact group is copied to the list with all its settings.