Payment with retail7

You want to provide your customers with reliable and, above all, simple options for payment transactions? Well, you've come to the right place.

Retail7 makes payment easy

With retail7, you can offer your customers various payment options in addition to cash. As a retailer, you get a full overview in both daily billing and the management console of which means of payment are used by your customers and how often.

  • Cash

  • By vouchers (manual and system-supported vouchers)

  • Via Debit, Credit Card or Smartphone via connected Payment Terminal

  • Innovative QR code payment options

  • Invoice payment


Cashless payment - quick and easy

Whether stationary or mobile payment, with professional terminals directly connected to retail7, you and your customers receive maximum convenience and 100% security. Whether you use a debit card, credit card or a smartphone - retail7 is the right choice for you. Tedious typing by hand and clerical errors are history thanks to the direct connection between the terminal and the POS system.

  • Favorable conditions

  • ZVT standard for the connection of professional terminals For rapid payments

  • Payment reports and extensive evaluations

  • Partial payments with different payment methods

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Use any device of your choice and adapt it to the style of your industry.

Your industry - Your cash register

Works on iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Use the system of your choice - check our system requirements.

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