Runner Assistant for your service staff

The lean mobile solution for order taking in restaurants and hospitality businesses of any size

Mobile order taking

The retail7 Runner Assistant app is designed for special service staff whose sole task is to take orders (runners). For example, orders can be taken quickly at large events or outdoor areas and forwarded directly to the kitchen or bar. The app, which is simple and intuitive to use, is self-explanatory and can be used immediately even by unskilled staff.


Clear separation of tasks

The Runner Assistant app is a specially configured version of the retail7 standard with limited rights to order taking. It is therefore a complete part of the retail7 landscape in the respective restaurant. The Runner is created in the rights management of the management console. A checkout cannot be done with the RunnerApp. A cashier app must be used for this purpose.

Use on mobile devices

The Runner Assistant can be used on mobile devices of various formats (e.g. pads, cell phones) as well as all operating systems supported by retail7.

We will be happy to help you choose the right device. or support you in setting up the hardware.


Use any device of your choice and adapt it to the style of your industry.

Your industry - Your cash register

Works on iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Use the system of your choice - check our system requirements.

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