Your inventory management app from retail7

Store, retrieve and transfer your items directly with one device.

Always keep an eye on your entire assortment - on the go.

You can check your stock at any time via the stock list and get up-to-date information about your stocks.


You can quickly and easily add, write off, count and move stocks.

With the inventory management app you don't have to go to your backend and save time.

Our inventory management app is especially useful for large companies with a diverse range of products.

Manage all branches efficiently and instantly push items to other locations.


Turn your tablet, smartphone or other device into a stock manager.

Get retail7

  • Add new items via scan
  • Use mobile inventory management
  • Add or count new stock
  • Immediately write off expired items
  • Move items to other shops
  • Always keep the best overview
  • Save the way to the backend

Use any device of your choice and adapt it to the style of your industry.

Your industry - Your cash register

Works on iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Use the system of your choice - check our system requirements.

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