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For each successful recommendation, you can receive a 300 EUR cash bonus.

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1. Register

Register here for our referral program. Upon registration, you will receive a partner ID. Pass on this partner ID to anyone who has decided to use our retail7 POS system. They have to include your ID information in their respective registration.

2. Recommend retail7

Recommend retail7 to friends, relatives or even business partners. Offer your support to get started with our POS system as quickly as possible.

We support you at any stage.

3. Earn money

As soon as an order is placed and activated through your referral, you have earned your bonus. retail7 will come to you if your referral has been using our cash register for 6 months*.

4. Your opinion counts

With your positive review, you help us to support other users in their purchase decision. Rate us on our social media channels and other platforms.

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Please enter your data in the form, which you can find below. There, please also indicate whether you are entitled to deduct VAT tax to register for your reward. After a successful recommendation and fulfillment of all conditions* we will contact you for the reward.

How can I recommend retail7?

The first step is your registration on our referral program page. You can find the corresponding form here. Enter your contact details and the IBAN of the account to which the bonus should be transferred. You will then receive an e-mail with your partner ID, which the new retail7 customer must enter during registration.

Now, you can easily recommend the retail7 POS system to your friends and acquaintances. Showcase the retail7 POS system and assist them with the help of our provided support options. These include, for example, a trial license as well as further tutorials. In addition, you can refer your contacts to our fee-based initial installation service package, where we will install their chosen product for them, including all the proper connections of hardware and peripherals.

When will I receive my premium and how much is it?

Notice: For a limited time only, all bonuses have been increased due to a special offer.

If the person you have recruited completes a paid business plan and uses our POS system for at least 6 months, you will receive a bonus worth 300 EUR. You are exempt from VAT if you act as a private person or as a single-person entrepreneur. In the case you are operating as a business, the bonus is paid out in the amount of 300 EUR plus the statutory VAT.

If the your referral uses several cash registers, we will add another 50 EUR for each additional cash register, up to a maximum of 10 devices.

If the referred customer books the Consulting Package S for 299 EUR to support his system setup, we will immediately pay you another 100 EUR.

How do I know that my recommendation was successful?

retail7 will contact you. Either via e-mail or call. If your recommendation was successful, you will receive a bank transfer from retail7 to the account you have provided us with.

*What requirements must be met in order for me to receive a premium for a referral?

For what reasons is a recommendation not successful?

  • Commercial cash register sellers or resellers are exempted for the referral program. We offer our program exclusively to retail7 customers and private individuals.

  • The new retail7 customer must order a participating product within 30 days of referral, naming the partner ID.

  • The new retail7 customer must have provided the individual partner ID of the referrer during registration.

  • The referred contract must not have been revoked, cancelled or not paid within the first 6 months after ordering. A business plan upgrade may take place.

What additional conditions of participation apply?

The product range of retail7 is subject to change. retail7 is entitled to change products, the scope of products and services and the corresponding prices at its own discretion. retail7 reserves the right to make errors and mistakes regarding the amount of the premium as well as its presentation. retail7 reserves the right to adjust the premium design for individual products at any time without prior notice. An adjustment is usually made when product prices or components change. You are not authorized to act on behalf of retail7. You are not authorized to accept offers, make or receive declarations on behalf of retail7. You may only use brands, trademarks and logos of retail7 if and to the extent that you have the written consent of retail7. This applies in particular to the use of brands, trademarks, logos and product names of retatil7 in the context of online advertising and here in particular when used as a keyword in the context of advertisements and search engine advertising.

Multiple payment of a referral by other payment or commission systems of retail7 is excluded. Only the initial brokerage of a contract is subject to payment. Further contracts, in particular contracts concluded directly between the referred customer and retail7 without your involvement, as well as contract extensions of the first referred contract are not subject to separate payment. retail7 reserves the right to refuse referred orders, in particular if there is an important reason in the person of the referred customer. retail7 will try to realize referred orders accordingly. retail7 has, however, the right to modify referred orders with regard to performance and/or price with the consent of the referred customer. This is particularly necessary if the product as ordered is not available or only available to a limited extent. In addition, our referral program GTC apply.

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