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What is a TSE and why do you need it?

A technical security device (TSE for short) is a security module for electronic cash registers. With it, all cash transactions are recorded unalterably and without gaps.

A TSE has been mandatory for every electronic cash register in Germany since 01. April 2021.

You must also register your POS system with the tax authorities within four weeks. Auditors from the tax office check the correct connection of the TSE during a cash register inspection or company audit.

TSE via the receipt printer

You can buy an Epson receipt printer with integrated TSE or upgrade with an update kit for your existing receipt printer.

We provide you with all the information you need to set up your receipt printer.

TSE Server/iHub

Use the TSE server if you have more than one or two counters in your store. This way you can operate without any delays.

Cloud TSE

As a large enterprise company, you want the most efficient TSE for many transactions.

We recommend the cloud solution from Deutsche Fiskal GmbH. Please contact them.

You can find out which TSE has already been officially certified.

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