The fast POS with quick select for service providers

The slim tableau POS for retailers and service providers with only a few items in their assortment.

Which types of businesses should use this POS system?

This solution is designed for businesses with only a few items on display and who want to access them quickly from a selection menu. We recommend choosing the service POS if you have a maximum of 50 items on sale.

This option is ideal, for example, for hair and beauty salons or tattoo shops.



The well-structured and intuitive POS is easy to install and use. Items on sale can all be displayed on the screen and selected very quickly. Article registration via scanner or number entry can be completely eliminated. The digital receipt function is a standard feature.

The screen and items can be easily customized via the management console.


retail7 also provides industry-specific features for various use cases, such as services with working hours as an item in the POS, appointment reservations for customers and individual employees, or happy hour. This allows special features of each store to be implemented individually and in the standard version.


Mobile and easy to use anywhere

retail7, makes it easy to use a POS system at events such as markets, concerts or during home visits. The app can be installed and used on almost any mobile device at no additional cost. This means that cash can be collected offline at any location in a legally compliant manner. If an online connection exists, the data is later synchronized to the cloud.

Payment methods

Cash, Vouchers, Debit Card, Credit Cards, Smartphone, Digital Bon, QR Code.

AddOns for Quick Select POS

retail7 can be adapted to the exact needs of any business through free or low-cost add-ons.

Use any device of your choice and adapt it to the style of your industry.

Your industry - Your cash register

Whether iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Use the system of your choice - check our system requirements.

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