A perfect scanner POS for retailers

The all-in-one scanner POS for all retailers with a larger assortment who use a scanner.

Which types of businesses should use this POS system?

The ideal and proven solution for all businesses where items need to be scanned at the checkout. We recommend choosing the scanner checkout, if you have more than 150 items or fast assortments, which are equipped with bar codes.

This variant is very suitable, for example, for food, clothing or specialty retail stores.


Which hardware is required?

Regardless of which hardware is used, this retail7 variant requires a barcode scanner for item registration. If needed, the solution can be easily expanded to include additional cash registers or the operation can be expanded to include additional stores. We are happy to help you select the right device or provide support in setting up the hardware.

retail7 can also be used very well with existing hardware and various operating systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac).


Can be installed and deployed quickly. For larger assortments, all articles can be scanned one after the other at very high speed and are immediately available for invoicing. In addition, individually configurable article tableaus can be used to register articles that cannot be scanned. The checkout interface can be customized using themes.



With the retail7 Promotion Engine, numerous classic promotion types can be put together very easily. For example, you can implement Happy Hour, Mix & Match or Take 3 for 2 promotions very quickly. The roles & rights system makes it very easy to set various authorizations for employees.

Payment methods

retail7 enables a variety of modern payment options in addition to accepting cash or vouchers. In addition to the terminals of various payment providers, the offers of our partner Zahlungswerk can also be used. And the receipt can, of course, be handed out to customers digitally.

Plug-Ins for the Scanner POS

retail7 can be adapted to the exact needs of any business through free or low-cost add-ons.

Use any device of your choice and adapt it to the style of your industry.

Your industry - Your cash register

Whether iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS or Linux. Use the system of your choice - check our system requirements.

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