The easiest way for your staff to handle orders

A paperless solution to place and keep track of every order.

What can the Kitchen Display do for you?

The Kitchen Display by retail7 simplifies your staff’s communication ways significantly. With the app, any order that is placed by your customers is directly sent to the bar and or kitchen line. Instead of printing several order tickets, the Kitchen Display shows your line staff preparation details for every order. The Kitchen Display also differentiates between drinks and meals and sends the orders directly to the respective staff members to be prepared, saving additional time for your service. Furthermore, it displays the status of each order to your staff in real-time to ensure you prioritize the right orders. This is how you decrease your error margin and improve customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Display by retail7


With our retail7 Kitchen Display, any business in the hospitality or restaurant industry can now offer their staff the following benefits:  

  • Reduce resource-intensive walking distances to take, book, and place an order with your kitchen line or bar

  • Avoid wrong orders going out to customers by reducing ticket complexity. You can now show each step of every order on one single display.

  • Display the status of every order and track the time from placed to served to improve your customer service

  • Operate more sustainably by switching to a paperless option 

We help you offer the best service  

Our Kitchen Display rounds off the retail7 product portfolio for the hospitality and restaurant industry. In combination with our Gastro POS and Runner app, you now offer staff a simple way to seat customers, take, book and place their orders individually as well as ensure a paperless and error-free preparation.


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